24/7 Emergency Service: We’re available when you need help – Call Us Anytime!
24/7 Emergency Service: We’re available when you need help – Call Us Anytime!

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    Storm Damage

    Repair Company

    For the best emergency storm damage repairs, turn to Got Damage? Fire & Water Rescue. There isn’t anything you can do about weather coming through, and consequently, violent weather can wreak havoc on your property. When your house has sustained storm damage of any sort, you can trust our qualified, local team.

    In the Greater Bay Area, we are susceptible to storms, each of which presents their own form of weather-related damages that require emergency services and repairs. Because our region does encounters storms, having a local team is reassuring.

    Things to know about storm damage

    Storms cause multiple forms of home damage as they occur. Your home can undergo water, flood and sewage damage in conjunction with devastation from wind and fires. With a broad range of storm-related damages, you want a company that takes care of every kind of repair service. If you need professional, dependable storm damage repairs, you can trust us.

    The Storm

    Restoration Process
    Our technicians are trained to provide proper storm damage repairs and can mitigate potential issues when you encounter these emergency situations. Our crew then removes the damaged construction materials in your house before we start repairing your property.
    When the rebuilding task is finished, we carry out the final cleanup, restoring your residence to its pre-storm damaged condition.

    The roof restoration process after a storm can vary from one roofing company to the next. Below is the process followed by Got Damage? Fire & Water Rescue, which specializes in roofing and storm restoration work.

    • The contractor will do an initial inspection to assess the damage that’s occurred and if there is damage, the contractor will encourage the homeowner to file a claim with their insurance company.
    • An insurance adjuster will visit the property and do an assessment. We offer to attend these meetings to get on the same page with the adjuster as to the necessary repairs for your property.
    • Once the claim is approved, the contractor will meet with the homeowner to go over the options and choose the right type of materials for the job.
    • The work is then scheduled (it will be scheduled in stages)
      a. The roof replacement will be the first project that’s completed.
      b. Other work, if required, such as gutters and siding will be repaired after the roof is done.
    • The contractor will submit all the completed paperwork to the insurance company, and this will certify that the work is completed.

    Once the insurance company verifies that that work is completed, then they will issue payment.

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