24/7 Emergency Service: We’re available when you need help – Call Us Anytime!
24/7 Emergency Service: We’re available when you need help – Call Us Anytime!

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    Have you experienced fire, water, or storm damage?

    Frequently Asked Questions

    In most cases these are emergency or urgent situations that need immediate assistance. Finding a remediation specialist is of the essence.

    Fire and smoke damage requires for the fire department to respond to the emergency. Most cases of fire damage will be investigated by the fire department as well as the insurance provider. This gives you time to find a mitigation specialist.

    Time is still of the essence for mitigation of the damage, as the smoke damage after the fire can continue to cause damage to the property and the water used to put out the fire can breed mold if not mitigated very soon.

    A feeling of competence and knowledge can bring forth a sign of trust developing with your potential remediation contractor. Your intuition is a very important tool in choosing a contractor.

    The first step once you signed on with a mitigation contractor, is to map out all damaged and effected areas for documentation purposes. You don’t want to do any mitigation before everything is documented as many of these type of incidents are covered by insurance, and the insurance companies need reports to justify the coverage. Poor documentation could lead to less coverage by the insurance provider and leave the homeowner paying out of pocket for some of the damages.

    After documentation of the damages, you can then proceed with mitigation of the damages. A contractor then can be hired to create an estimate for repairs. Got Damage? Fire & Water Rescue offers construction services as well, relieving you from the excruciating process of finding a reliable contractor that can work with your insurance provider. We can assist with restoration of damages, claim filing assistance, creating a scope of work that will provide quality repairs, and completion of all repairs prescribed by your insurance provider.

    It depends on the trade and how extensive the project is. Some of the few trades that don’t require a permit are the following:

    • Interior Painting
    • Flooring
    • Drywall Patches
    • Dry/Wet rot repairs if not structural
    • Changing out plumbing or electrical fixtures
    • Fences

    Things that do require permits are the following:

    • Complete bathroom remodel
    • Complete Kitchen remodel
    • Additions
    • Water and drain line replacement
    • Running new electrical lines
    • Changing electrical panels
    • Mechanical projects such as HVAC and vent fans

    That’s just to name a few. Talk with us today. Our expert advice will keep you out of trouble with your city or county ordinance. We also assist with pulling all required permits.

    Remediation and repair estimates are free. They always go directly to the insurance provider after signing on with us for services when going through your insurance provider.

    The estimate is still free if there is no coverage, and all expenses are covered by the homeowner. For remediation, an initial estimate can be provided for the apparent damage. Additional expenses due to unforeseen damages will be covered through addendums.

    Insurance jobs are thoroughly assessed by the insurance provider to assure fair pricing is being utilized. We work with the same estimating software as your provider so our pricing is always congruent with current market pricing. Our ability to provide estimates in this manner expedites the approval process. This is what makes us unique and a better choice than your typical contractor who may or may not get an estimate approved by your provider.

    Yes! We use subcontractors for specialty trades to assure 100% code compliance of the most delicate trades such as plumbing and electrical. Additionally, we do belong to NARI, an association for contractors and vendors that supply products for construction. We gladly leverage the association to create a fuller experience for our clients with everyone’s contribution to each project. Every contractor uses subs in one way or another. The intelligent contractors have a network of sub-contractors to assist in providing an all encompassing experience to their clients.

    We offer 5-year warranties on the labor in the case that there is a defect with the installation of any of the products. 

    Manufacturer defects on finish products are not covered as we do not manufacture the products ourselves. However, we do assist with going after the manufacturer if the product was purchased through our affiliated company, Built Right Construction & Design. We offer that service free of charge for shopping with us.

    Yes! We have interest free or same as cash financing up to 18 months, and low interest rates for those with good credit for longer terms up to 10 years. Financing is a good option for all our clients giving that we offer kitchen and bathroom products as well as furniture for the home.

    Financing is a great tool for our clients who have an open insurance claim as their restoration was an accident and unplanned. Finances may be tight and financing bridges the gap that is not covered by the insurance provider.

    We provide construction services, but what makes us unique is the fact that we are a mitigation company that offers emergency restoration services. This gives us the ability to provide emergency services within 48 hours to sterilize surfaces. Repairs can start once we gain approval for the scope of work from your insurance provider.

    We are licensed to conduct general remodel and hold multiple certifications that include mold and lead remediation, infrared inspections, IICRC certifications for fire and water mitigation, leak detection, roof installation certifications, and only sub-contract with certified individuals.

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