24/7 Emergency Service: We’re available when you need help – Call Us Anytime!
24/7 Emergency Service: We’re available when you need help – Call Us Anytime!

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    Roof Repair & Tarping

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    The longer you wait, the more damage your home can incur.

    Roof leaks should not go neglected, especially if you are considering filing a claim for the repairs.

    We can assist with the claim process by assisting in filing the claim as well as by documenting and creating a report of the leak. Because documentation and reports are crucial for your insurance provider, we are happy to assist with this process.

    Here are some of the things we look for:

    • Damaged Shingles

    Curled, cracked, blistered, or missing shingles are clear signs that your current roof is at the end of its lifespan and needs repairs.

    • Shingle Granules in Gutters

    Shingles shed granules as they enter the last stage of their life. If your shingles are shedding, it’s time to look into upgrades and repairs.

    • Discolored Shingles

    Discolored, faded shingles can indicate that moisture is trapped underneath. These should be repaired to protect your home from damage.

    • Leaks After a Rainstorm

    Moisture in your attic indicates a weak, broken, or inefficient roof. You’ll likely need some patchwork to prevent future leaks.

    • Sagging Roof Deck

    If your decking or rafters are sagging, you may have a moisture problem that requires repairing or replacing shingles.

    • Higher Energy Bills

    Spikes in your energy bill could indicate that cool or warm air is escaping via your aging roof. Repairs can help bring these bills back down.

    A roof is one of the most important parts of a house and a leaky roof can cause serious problems. Ignoring a leaky roof can lead to water damage, mold, and structural damage. If you think you have a leaky roof, it’s important to contact us promptly so we can come out to take a look.

    Things to know about roof repairs

    It is important that your home is a safe, reliable shelter when the rain starts to fall and the wind starts to blow. However, leaking roofs can sometimes occur due to age, decay, and damage. It might be one of the top nightmares of the homeowner, but it does not have to be! Our Emergency Roof Repair Service Crew can help, so act quickly, not wait until the rain stops or the leak slows down.

    We will respond quickly to your call and tarp the roof as necessary to minimize damage. This will save you money and give you peace of mind.


    Emergency Tarping Process

    Protect your home or building from further damage with temporary tarps.

    Step One

    First, we will come out and survey the damage to your roof before deciding the best course of action. By tarping you will have peace of mind that your home is safe from the elements while you are waiting on your repairs.

    Step Two

    We will proceed by installing the tarp over the exposed area or over the entire roof, depending on the size of the situation. In addition to roof tarping we also can tarp any damaged siding on your house until the damage is repaired.

    Step Three

    Our tarps are fastened down by planks of wood that are secured to your roof. We ensure that our tarps are laid out flat to avoid any possibility of movement or additional water leakage. The damage that can be done to an exposed roof will cost more than the repairs themselves.

    Why Tarp? If you don’t know whether or not your insurance will cover repairs, tarping your roof is an excellent idea because it prevents further, more expensive damage from occurring.

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